The sun is the center of the solar system. The sun is the largest object in solar system. It is diameter ia approximately 1,4 million kilometer it consists of hydrogent and helium. The sun is 333.000 times as massive as t


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Global Warming

Some plants are often grown in a glasshouse (greenhouse)What is advantage of a greehouse ?

extreme weather in Indonesia

frequent extreme weather in Indonesia, according to climatology meteorology and geophysics, extreme weather

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

fisika sma Quis Kinematika

fisika sma Quis Kinematika Benda Titik

Sebuah benda bergerak dengan persamaan perpindahan : .
S dalam meter dan t dalam sekon. Nilai percepatan 

sesaatnya adalah ...
2 m/s²
6 m/s²
8 m/s²
10 m/s²
14 m/s²
SMA/Ebtanas/Fisika/Tahun 1998

Gerak sebuah benda memiliki persamaan posisi
Semua besaran menggunakan satuan dasar SI.
Pernyataan-pernyataan berikut ini berkaitan dengan 

gerak tersebut di atas.
(1) Benda memiliki koordinat awal (4,3) m
(2) Setelah 1 s, perpindahannya 10 m
(3) Benda memiliki percepatan 5 m/s².
(4) Geraknya lurus berubah beraturan.
Pernyataan yang benar adalah ........
(1), (2) dan (3)
(1) dan (3)
(1) dan (4)
(2), (3) dan (4)
(2) dan (4)
SMA/Ebtanas/Fisika/Tahun 1999

Diketahui gerak suatu benda dalam bidang datar memenuhi 
persamaan posisi :  
(r dalam meter dan t dalam sekon).
Setelah dua sekon, kelajuan benda itu adalah ........
1 m s-1
3 m s-1
4 m s-1
5 m s-1
10 m s-1
SMA/Ebtanas/Fisika/Tahun 2000

Posisi sebuah benda dinyatakan dengan persamaan :
     r = { (15t ) i + (15t - 5t²) j }m.
Setelah benda bergerak selama 1,5 sekon kelajuannya menjadi ...
15 m/detik
11,5 m/detik
22,5 m/detik
15 m/detik
SMA/Ebtanas/Fisika/Tahun 2002

Persamaan vektor posisi sebuah materi : r = (t³ - 2t²)i + (3t²)j. 
Jika r dalam meter dan t dalam detik, maka percepatan titik materi 
tepat setelah 2s dari awal pengamatan adalah :
10 m/detik²
8 m/detik²
6 m/detik²
4 m/detik²
2 m/detik²
SMA/Ebtanas/Fisika/Tahun 2003

video physics Movement Parabola

Movement Parabola

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Movement Parabola

Thursday, December 29, 2011

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The respiratory organs consist of

The respiratory organs consist of:
The windpipe (trachea) is a ring-shaped
There are little hairs inside it that function to stop small pieces of dust and dirt from
going Into airways.

The bronchus is a branch of the trachea.

The bronchiole Is a branch of the bronchus

In the lung, bronchioles have many branches.
the branches will end at the tiny air sacs, named alveoli

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Global Warming

Some plants are often grown in a glasshouse (greenhouse).
What is advantage of a greehouse ?

The temperature inside the greehouse is higher than outside the greehouse. Why is this so ?
Twoo things that really after global warming are :
1. The amount of carbon dioxide is released  to air annually.
2.The naumber of green plants in this word.
Note : the process of photosinthesis can break down CO2 in the air.
The temperature inside the greehouse is higher than outside. Some plants are often grewn in a glashouse.
What is the advantage of glasshouse ?
Compare the temperature between outside of the glasshouse. Why is this ?
Sunlight energy enters the glasshouse through the glass wall. It is different from outside, the heat energy is trapped inside the glaashouse, because of the glass walls.The phenomena is what call green house effect.
The green house effect also happen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide on the Earth’s surface acts as glass in the glass house. The natural green house effect made the Earth’s surface warm enaught for life. What happen if the green house effect does not occurs at the Earth’s atmosphere. Without green house effect, there is no heat trapped on the Earth’s atmosphere. Earth wil be cold to live.

The use of fuel (such as natural oil and coal) has increased the carbon dioxide content in atmosphere in great number.
The increase of carbon dioxide cause more heat to be trapped in the Earth’s surface.
Eventually the temperature at the Earth’s surface rises and cause the natural phenomena called global warming.

Two things that really affect global warming are :
The amount of carbon dioxide that is released to the air annually.
The number of green plants in this world. The green plants are very necessary because they can break down carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.
To see the relationshep, adjust the number of plants an factories in the page. Take a look at CO2 content and temperature of the area. In a reality, the change of CO2 content and the number of plants will not actually directly affect to that of temperature of an area. The change of CO2 content and number of green plants on an area will not actually the affect the change of temperature at Earth as a unity. As a proof, the increasing of CO2 content that is produced in industry countries affect the increasing of temperature at north and south poles directly.
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Doppler Effect

physics lessons Doppler Effect

When we are on a car circuit, we see that when a race car F1 approaches, its sound’s pitch is higher and when it travels away, its sound’s pitch is lower.
What is this ?
This is due to the shift in frequency and wavelength of waves or called Doppler Effect.
The frequency heard by an observer is higher when the source approaches the observer and lower when the source moves away from the observer.

How do we explain this Doppler effect ?
when the race car is at rest : Theconcentric circles illustrate the peak of wave. The distance between twoo circles equals the wavelength of sound. Here the wave received per second by the observer equals the number of waves emitted per second.

When the race car moves : Now the circles are not concentic anymore  and the observer in the front of the car will receive more waves per second (frequency received higher). Conversely the observer behind the car will receive fewer waves per second (frequency received is lower)                                                                       

The Frequency Doppler Effect also occurs when the observer approaches or moves 
If the observer approaches the source with the velocity vp, then the observer will receive more waves so that its frequency is higher. The formula for the frequency is : 
f’ = {(ν +νp)/ν}f

To file complete    Doppler Effect
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Dangers of Infrared

in addition to global warming, the impact of infra-red can be harmful to humans, especially in the eyes, both titles physics lesson today is about the dangers of infra red, Dangers of Infra red Rays

Dangers of Infrared Rays

Currently, many children's toy that uses infrared rays, such as toy shots. Even the flashlight-type infrared rays can be obtained easily in most in big city Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, etc..
Our eyes have a convex lens to capture the object on the retina.

Based on the rules of preferential propagation of light rays on convex lens, if the major axis parallel beam is passed through the focal point. Formation will occur in the eye shadow is on the retina.
infrared ray is a single beam (monochromatic light), is passed into a convex lens will be forwarded through the focal point.

The focal point in your eyes it is nothing but the yellow spots that serve to capture the colors generated by the object in view.
Nur Kadarisman opinion, M.Sc. a lecturer in Physics UNY in workshop High School Science Laboratory of Energy (1 to December 5, 2011), the power of infrared light that is almost close to 2000 times the power of ordinary light is condensed into a parallel rays,
Well you can imagine if infrared rays are very high-powered light falls on our eyes. Infrared rays are parallel to the main axis that would pass through the yellow spots (focal point) and will result in yellow spots that burned so eye sight will be darkened.
It's called blind our eyes.
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