Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Global Warming

Some plants are often grown in a glasshouse (greenhouse).
What is advantage of a greehouse ?

The temperature inside the greehouse is higher than outside the greehouse. Why is this so ?
Twoo things that really after global warming are :
1. The amount of carbon dioxide is released  to air annually.
2.The naumber of green plants in this word.
Note : the process of photosinthesis can break down CO2 in the air.
The temperature inside the greehouse is higher than outside. Some plants are often grewn in a glashouse.
What is the advantage of glasshouse ?
Compare the temperature between outside of the glasshouse. Why is this ?
Sunlight energy enters the glasshouse through the glass wall. It is different from outside, the heat energy is trapped inside the glaashouse, because of the glass walls.The phenomena is what call green house effect.
The green house effect also happen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide on the Earth’s surface acts as glass in the glass house. The natural green house effect made the Earth’s surface warm enaught for life. What happen if the green house effect does not occurs at the Earth’s atmosphere. Without green house effect, there is no heat trapped on the Earth’s atmosphere. Earth wil be cold to live.

The use of fuel (such as natural oil and coal) has increased the carbon dioxide content in atmosphere in great number.
The increase of carbon dioxide cause more heat to be trapped in the Earth’s surface.
Eventually the temperature at the Earth’s surface rises and cause the natural phenomena called global warming.

Two things that really affect global warming are :
The amount of carbon dioxide that is released to the air annually.
The number of green plants in this world. The green plants are very necessary because they can break down carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.
To see the relationshep, adjust the number of plants an factories in the page. Take a look at CO2 content and temperature of the area. In a reality, the change of CO2 content and the number of plants will not actually directly affect to that of temperature of an area. The change of CO2 content and number of green plants on an area will not actually the affect the change of temperature at Earth as a unity. As a proof, the increasing of CO2 content that is produced in industry countries affect the increasing of temperature at north and south poles directly.
Global Warming physics education for primary school


terasa sekali extrim cuaca dari tahun ke tahun :( global warming ????

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