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Monday, March 5, 2012

Impact of Increase in Global Temperature

The increase in global temperature have an impact on human life. Not only threatens the economic kemerosostan, the increase in global temperatures can also adversely affect human health.

This issue is presented in the launch of the Green Map on the UI campus, Depok, Friday (03/02/2012). It was attended by British Ambassador Mark Canning and UI rector Gumilar R. Somantri.

Activities that followed more than 300 participants from various universities in Jakarta speakers from the National Council on Climate Change and the UK Climate Change Unit team in Indonesia.

Green Map illustrates how the impact of rising global temperatures by 4 degrees in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, this can lead to five million people who depend on fisheries will lose their catch. The increase in temperature causes the temperature of the sea becomes warmer which led to the reduction potential of fisheries catches.

In agriculture, such as corn and rice, the temperature was 4 degrees has led to a five percent decrease in production due to drought and increased potential for saltwater intrusion in coastal agriculture vulnerable to rising sea level.

In the field of health, global temperature rise has pushed the number of cases of heat-related illnesses, including stress, stroke, and cardiovascular disorders.

Not only that, with vector diseases such as dengue and malaria is also changing the location of the attack and a longer duration of transmission. Of course all the potential disasters can be avoided, if the entire community working hard to reduce the movement of environmentally friendly green living.


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