The sun is the center of the solar system. The sun is the largest object in solar system. It is diameter ia approximately 1,4 million kilometer it consists of hydrogent and helium. The sun is 333.000 times as massive as t


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Global Warming

Some plants are often grown in a glasshouse (greenhouse)What is advantage of a greehouse ?

extreme weather in Indonesia

frequent extreme weather in Indonesia, according to climatology meteorology and geophysics, extreme weather

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Friday, June 15, 2012

PesonaEdu Educational Software

Drs. asep Supriatna
PesonaEdu Educational Software, a software curriculum, meaning that the software developed by the national curriculum in force in Indonesia.

There are more than 1,500 pages of animation and interactive simulation of a world-class, developed since 1986 and have been exported to 23 countries and awarded both domestic and international.

Product Series Edition PesonaEdu Indonesia, consists in two versions (bilingual: Indonesia-English):

2. FULL VERSION ONLINE for Teachers, Students and Parents.

FULL VERSION OFFLINE to school, can be operated in a network and comes with a Collection Problem.

Packages are available:

A. Enchantment of Mathematics volume 3.4
2. Enchantment of Mathematics volume 5.6
3. Enchantment of Science volume 5.6

A. Enchantment of Mathematics volume 7
2. Enchantment of Mathematics volume 8
3. Enchantment of Mathematics volume 9
4. Enchantment of Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) volume 7
5. Enchantment of Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) volume 8
6. Enchantment of Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) volume 9

A. Charm physics volume 10
2. Charm physics volume 11
3. Charm physics volume 12

A. Charm physics volume 1
2. Charm physics volume 2
3. Charm physics volume 3

FULL VERSION ONLINE, present for Teachers, Students / Parents who have long missed learning aids that have a world-class interactive simulation at an affordable price.

Learning materials can be downloaded and activated via the internet in units of the chapter / topic.

To register and subscribe, visit:

To export demand, the release with the name AmazingEdu Software, available in the Concise Version for Individuals, and Full Version for Schools. International or National Plus school with the language of instruction in the classroom, using the English language, can also buy AmazingEdu Series Software.

"Students who do not understand the concept of Mathematics or Science, will only memorize to pass. Instead of students who understand the concept correctly, will get a provision not only to pass, but is useful for the future. "

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