Monday, December 19, 2011

Dangers of Infrared

in addition to global warming, the impact of infra-red can be harmful to humans, especially in the eyes, both titles physics lesson today is about the dangers of infra red, Dangers of Infra red Rays

Dangers of Infrared Rays

Currently, many children's toy that uses infrared rays, such as toy shots. Even the flashlight-type infrared rays can be obtained easily in most in big city Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, etc..
Our eyes have a convex lens to capture the object on the retina.

Based on the rules of preferential propagation of light rays on convex lens, if the major axis parallel beam is passed through the focal point. Formation will occur in the eye shadow is on the retina.
infrared ray is a single beam (monochromatic light), is passed into a convex lens will be forwarded through the focal point.

The focal point in your eyes it is nothing but the yellow spots that serve to capture the colors generated by the object in view.
Nur Kadarisman opinion, M.Sc. a lecturer in Physics UNY in workshop High School Science Laboratory of Energy (1 to December 5, 2011), the power of infrared light that is almost close to 2000 times the power of ordinary light is condensed into a parallel rays,
Well you can imagine if infrared rays are very high-powered light falls on our eyes. Infrared rays are parallel to the main axis that would pass through the yellow spots (focal point) and will result in yellow spots that burned so eye sight will be darkened.
It's called blind our eyes.
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