Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Particles Motion Kinematics

To reach the orbit, an instrument in the flight control room always monitors the position of the shuttle space an calculates velocity and the acceleration from a given position.

  1. Position

Position is the location of a particle relative to a frame of reference and expressed by the vector quantity r.
In a Cartesian coordinate, we use unit vector perpendicular to each other :
Unit vector i ( in x direction)  and unit vector j ( in y direction).
If the particle or object is at point (x,y), then is position expressed as
r = xi + yj

    r = 5 i+ 5 j


2. Displacement is the change in position of partikel expressed as a vector quantity Δr
If r0 is the initial position and rt is the final position, then the displacement can be written mathematically as

r0 + Δr = rt 
Δr = rt – r0


Δr = Δxi + Δyj

  1. Distance
Distance is the magnitude of displacement traveled by particle a scalar quantity  r| or Δr
Distance can bd write mathematically using Phytagoras theorem.

Δr =      

And the direction of the dicplacement θ is

tg θ =


Δr =      
Δr =      
Δr =      
Δr =      
Δr =  5     

tg θ =  =  = 0, 75

θ = 300

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