Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon on Water

Year of the Dragon Water in the calendar year China will replace the Rabbit. Dragon is one of the strongest animal figures in the traditional Chinese calendar system, which has a specific form of drastic change, which could have occurred after the date of January 23, 2012 up to one year to the next lunar calendar.

Many young couples have a desire to have children or more children who were zodiac dragon. Especially couples who had zodiac rats, monkeys, and chickens, are known to have a match with zodiac dragon. Suitability of children with parents in the family is believed to bring good luck.

Feng shui, Mauro Rahardjo, who met in Surabaya, East Java, last week, telling, Water Dragon year will be greatly influenced by cycles of planet Jupiter. "This year is one of the strongest cycle of Jupiter which rotates about the Sun once every 12 years. The cycle of the Earth around the Sun in one year, "he said.

Mauro, who is also founder of the Feng Shui Society Indonesia, explained, 12 the position of Jupiter relative to Earth that is known as the zodiac (Chinese horoscope). The position of Jupiter is very influential on energy chi (Mandarin: qi) in the Earth's surface, not unlike the Moon affects the circulation of natural conditions such as tidal water on Earth. This is not superstition and Meteorological Laboratory has been investigated in the United States. Science of feng shui has long been observed and translate the science of Flying Stars (Fei Xing).

The resulting movement of chi energy spread across nine sectors Jupiter is depicted in a plot of 3 x 3 in accordance with the direction of the wind and a central point. Number 2 represented the north, northeast of number 9, number 4 east, southeast number 5, number 1 south, southwest of number 3, number 8 west, northwest of the number 7, and the central point number 6.

According to Mauro, how to interpret simple, that is like owning a home or office, can be seen whether the positive energy received in accordance with the calculation of nine points in the direction of the wind in the calculation of the Water Dragon year will bring good luck.

"Conversely, if that comes is a number or direction of the wind that carries negative energy, will affect the barriers and obstacles. However, something negative can be handled by not triggering the potential evils manifest into disrepute, "said Mauro.

Positive energy in 2012 will mainly be felt in the west, represented by figure 8 (a white star or Ba Bai). If the door of the house facing west or have a bedroom in the west, this success can also be felt by residents of the houses and the position of the entrance to the bedroom in that direction.

However, this also depends on the question whether being able to use the opportunities available or not. If you can not take advantage of this opportunity, it means losing a good opportunity.

The second sector of the energy gain is a good star southward to the arrival of white star-1 (Yi Bai). This energy brings fragrant name and fame, as well as the success in academics and professionals gain a good momentum.

4-star (Si Lu) which is an academic star and romance stars will occupy the east direction of the wind. This is extremely useful for those who work in academic and professional fields, as well as for those who do not get a mate, there is a good opportunity to get a girlfriend this year.

Other sectors are lucky the northeast. In this coming-9 purple star (Qiu Zi), who obtain health care, more extensive social networks, and joy in all aspects of life. If the door facing northeast, residents may be able to celebrate a feast of joy, among other things, a successful business, school, or there is a chance to celebrate a wedding.

In addition to the above positive energy, a number of other existing wind direction that tends to bring negative energy to the house or door facing that direction, such as the southeast, south, southwest, and northwest. However, Mauro warned not to get discouraged because it can be activated by the positive energy objects: vibrating, life (aquarium), reads, and luminous.

He reminded, in 2012 there will be taboos or restrictions to which a sector within buildings is prohibited to crowded, demolished, excavated and renovated. First, the negative energy that comes too strong is not good for disturbed with respect to the arrival of Tai Shui, the Year of the Dragon, which is located in the southeast (between 112.5 o-127, 5o). In this sector there should be no excavation of land or building renovations.

There is a good time working or sleeping bed is not in the direction of Tai Shui this. Similarly, the affected sectors of Wu Wang (5-yellow) in the southeastern and southern sector in 2012 exposed Samsart ("triple murder").

Time of birth

Separately, feng shui, Jennie Kumala Dewi, provide additional information about the meaning of luck in the year Water Dragon by considering the time element of a person's birth and various detailed calculations that can be attributed to the calculation of feng shui.

"This year should not be drastically changed professions. Should survive the competition that has been successfully passed in the year of Tiger and Rabbit. If you stick with what he pioneered, will enjoy the results of this year, "said Jennie, who is also an architect and presenter at a number of television stations.

Nationally, about Jennie, the condition of Indonesia will not be negative because it has a dragon zodiac zodiac compatibility with chicken which is the birth year of the Republic of Indonesia. Based on the calculation time of the birth, the nation Indonesia said to be spoiled and it can be proved by the abundant natural wealth.

In accordance with the nature of the dragon full of surprises, this year's estimated national figures emerged from the figure that is not favored, either from the young and old alike. Similarly in the world of celebrity, a number of old people will go back up and flying in the national level.

A number of professions that have a match with the Water Dragon year, said Jennie again, among which is the art of fashion, creative arts, design, and work associated with metals and machinery, including computers. This phenomenon happens like 12 years ago when the crash said to occur on computer systems (Y2K).

A number of professions with the element of fire and water will experience very severe competition is the banking sector, marketing, and world stocks. Similarly, businesses related to the circulation of goods, such as transportation.

All the calculations were based on feng shui and the computation time of birth (weton) which certainly can be tricked by hard work and careful.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy and Prosperous Year of the Dragon on Water!


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