Monday, January 2, 2012

physics education Animals Voice

Animals Voice
(For elementary classes V and VI)

Younger siblings, sister had never made a sound that resembles a toy animals made from sardine cans. Holes in the can in one part and another part that is left alone, then perforated with a nail so that the string (yarn mattress) can sign extends downward. After that wet the thread with water, then pull the yarn and pull yarn emphasize at the index finger and thumb to pull the thread between a faltering, well that's when the sound may be withdrawn. His voice is funny and weird, could resemble the crowing cock, the sound of geckos or other sounds depending on how your fingers pull the thread that extends it.

Well brothers and sisters, now let's make these toys while learning how where physics concepts that occur in tools.

As for the materials / tools that we will use is:
1. Plastic cups rather large
2. Yarn mattress 1 meter
3. Toothpick

How to make:
1. Punch a hole through glass with a toothpick.
2. Put mattresses yarn through the hole and let the hole stretches in plastic cups.
3. Tie a toothpick with a thread on the outside of the glass.
4. Dampen the yarn with enough water mattress.
5. Tap threads mattress with two fingers from his lips and then pull the plastic cups, set the pressure to get the desired sound.

Result: If the coherency will hear a good yarn-like animal sounds (crowing sound
chicken, gecko voices, etc.)

At the time of yarn pulled mattresses, water mattresses serves to strengthen the yarn to yarn friction mattress seningga finger pull finger falters as a result of small jolt jolt-style press your fingers on the string. Jolt-jolt caused a vibration back and forth at the top of the glass that makes the air molecules inside the plastic cup also vibrate back and forth to the rhythm pull our fingers. While the glass behave like spiker (megaphone) that menjalarkan sound waves in one direction.
Well, younger brothers and sisters please give it a try, good luck! and happy new year 2012


wah..... Pak, blognya pake bahasa inggris..... Akmil gak ngerti pak :D
tapi baguslah.... mantep...
Pak, saya Akmil, kelas 11 ipa 2, tolong kunjungi blog saya juga ya Pak,
makasih banyak Pak :D nice posting.... dikasih cendol buat semua postingnya :D

thanks you for visit fisikasbe physics education

ya wala bahasa inggris , kan ada fisika 14 nya tu betul kan pak asep

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