Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ridge Forge

Why the helicopter tilted position while on the move ?
Whatever force happens to helicopter ?

Note the picture beside.
When ignited aircraft  engine,  propeller  plane spinning but still not flying.
This is due to the gravity of the aircraft is still greater than ridge force, so theresultant  force of gravity in the direction of the helicopter..
Force that occurs in helicopter is:
a. F = force ridge, the force due to rotation speed 
     of the propeller
b. W = weight of the helicopter force, force due to
     entire mass of the helicopter due to the   
     influence of gravity earth
c. R = resultant force, the force of the sum / difference  between ridgepole  with  gravity force helicopter
If the ridge force greater than gravity object, then the heli will lift up the plane.
Resultant from ridgepole style propeller with gravity is what will determine thehelicopter moves fig.

Physics education Ridge Forge for High School
update 2012


trims pak ,, sangat membantu belajar anak saya

thanks mr asep supriatna for physics education,

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