Monday, January 2, 2012

Resultan Vektor

Resultan Vektor
for high school physics ( Fisika sma smk )

When we train inside and outside of heavy rain, then we looked out the window. We see rain droplets fall sideways out there.
Why is that? This is caused by the existence of two movements moving in different directions.
1. The train moves horizontally with a speed νa.
2. Precipitation that falls perpendicular to the surface of the earth at νb.
If the two vectors that we put down at one point arrested then we will get the sum of the second vector is as below:

a = νa = speed of train
-a = - νa = velocity of the earth relative to the passenger
b = νb = velocity of the earth's rain
νc = c = speed of the rain relative to the passenger

From the description above it is clear that we see slanting rain outside the train isthe result of the resultant / sum of two vectors is the speed of the train velocity vectorand velocity vector rainwater  mutually perpendicular. The second resultant velocity vector is called the relative velocity of rain on us as a passenger train.

- The vector is a quantity that has a value and direction
- a = - νa, is actually the body's movement speed passenger who pushed back due to the speed of the train movement
for high school physics


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