Sunday, October 30, 2011


Particle’s Motion Kinematics
(Part 1)

Position, Displacement, and Distance
a. Position

Position is the location of particle relative to a frame of reference and expressed by te vector quantity r.

To exprexx directioan in a Cartesian coordinate, we us a unit vector perpendikular to each other.

Unit vector i ( in x direction), and
Unit vector j (in y direction)

If the particle or object is at point (x, y), then its position is expressed as:   r = xi + yj

b. Displacement

Displacement is the change in position of particle expressed as a vector quantity ∆r.
If r0 is the initial position and rt is the final position, then the displacement can be written mathematically as

ro + ∆r = rt
∆r = rt – ro
∆r = ∆xi + ∆yj 

c.      Distance 

Distance is the magnitude of displacement traveled 
by a particle as scalar quantity I ∆r I or ∆r.
Distance can be written matematically using Pythagoras’ theorem

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