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Motion, Space and Time

Motion, Space and Time
( An afterthought )

Has become a common conception that the "motion" as could only be connected to the material. Though not demikia. In physics the ancient (traditional), the motion is divided into the motion of matter and wave motion. Waves can propagate without the need for propagation material. So the motion is essentially enegeri propagation.Energy is the ability to do business or motion.
In other words, Energy is the ability to move an object from rest to motion.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity has proved the equivalence of mass and engeri. The mass is energy, mass energy (E = mc2).
Nature is motion, the motion of air in the wind, waterfall motion, the motion of an amoeba-amoeba in water, and the motion of electrons around the protons, etc..
Degree heat of a gas is nothing but a macroscopic nature of the movement and collision ... trillion trillion trillion molecules of gas. Seen in the natural micro, from each molecule, the temperature has no meaning. There is only the energy of motion of the molecules. And this macro can be perceived by human senses and the senses of a measuring instrument and is called the temperature.

Electric current and the various symptoms of electronic circuits in none other than the movement of electrons through various media..
Is the propagation of water waves move energy through the nature of its medium-difat elestisitas, namely water.
Now we see the light, the light is the motion of propagation of electromagnetic energy through a medium or a vacuum.
Similarly, the sound, the sound is motion energy propagation through the vibration of air particles. When the vibration of the particles on the ear, will be recognized as sound.
In a variety of chemical reactions, actually happened motion of electrons transfer from one orbit to another orbit, so that the macro is identified by a variety of changes in chemical properties of various substances.
If we think something has the ability to influence others, it means we're thinking about engeri. If we think about something for a greater ability to be more sluggish, then something is more difficult to be moved by others. So because the mass equivalent to energy, then in a more general motion can be compared with the "energy" only. Since matter is energy itself, since the material is a subjective concept that has lost value keobyektifannya in Quantum Mechanics. If quantum mechanics is correct, konspesi of motion must be changed. We can not attribute a motion on something that does not exist objectively, ie the material.
So engeri is the ability to move a mass. Energy is the ability to move other energy, other energy is the ability to move other energy again, and so on. This will result in the definition of the chain without end, so this definition loses its meaning.
With a view definition, it can easily be proved that the force can dimaknakan as the energy change per unit distance traveled in space.
So it can be obtained three of the most fundamental elements in motion, namely: energy, space and time. Suppose first that these three elements axiomatic, can not be defined anymore. However, Einstein's theory of relativity back stating that space and time are not absolute, but relative. Can not be defined an absolute time and space. Space and time have a personal meaning, very personal.
A particle (I call them: energy!) Which moves relative to another particle (call me: other energy), each will have a life of its own!
So, if energy can be thought of as a being who has a certain degree of life and consciousness, then the space and time are subjective!
Furthermore they have no meaning without the motion of the object. Perhaps that is a basis of saying "Space and Time? Illusion, an illusion hanyala ". Space and Time lost its meaning in the absence of motion of the particle (I call: energy!).Furthermore, the ability to perform that movement of energy, and that is material.
Space and Time, is the illusion of motion.
As Sayyidina al-Husayn ibn Musa al-Bangili Ethiopia (ra) in mulyanya sermon: "Nothing else of this nature is motion and matter is the potential for movement".

In the emptiness of all
I found the space
and pulse nafaskupun realize the wheels of time
In the absence of space and time
I found the motion, the source of all images in Mayapada
Whether it's motion? I do not know
All I know is, if it was the only motion of Existing
then the motion will not move
There and Gone So what does this mean?
There and No is there any difference?
Behind There and Gone, I saw only one Itself,
My Lord, God Almighty in his solitude!
Sources: Dimitri Mahayana, collection of musings Physics, October 26, 1994


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