Friday, February 17, 2012

claim code blog on technorati

how to claim blog code on technorati

about social networking technorati technorati very famous and I went to register at technorati, here's how to register on technorati:

2. click join
3. input your personal data and complete end to select the I agree to abide by Technorati's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and click join
4. for example the picture below join technorati
5. Activate your account One last step! We sent you an email with an activation link. Please click the link in that email to activate your account. Please use the link sent to you via email, including the activation key. Already a verified member? Sign in!
6. check your email, the email inbox of the technorati will find it like this Hello,! You're almost ready to start using Technorati! To verify your email address and get started, please go to: id xxxxxxxxxx
If the above link is not clickable, please copy and paste the link into your web browser. Please do not reply to this email. If you require further help please visit our support forum at Thank you for using Technorati!
7. use clicking the link will take you to the technorati. for active accounts
8. input your username and password in the menu Member Login
9. continued claim blog ? for example the picture below
10. go to your profile continue to fill your blog url in the menu Start a blog claim:
11. fill in the details of your blog web
Claiming your blog on Technorati has just been made easier. First, provide Technorati with the following information, then you'll be given a "claim code" on the next page which you will add to a blog post on your blog. This will prove to technorati you are a writer for your blog. Then Technorati will review the information you submitted and will complete the claim. You will be able to check on the status of your claim on your Technorati profile page.
12. The next claim code will be sent to your email example :
Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site by looking for a unique code. We have just assigned the claim token PDDD4N8ZUFV4 to this claim. Please visit for more details, including how to use the claim token.
The next step after getting the claim token code like the code PDDD4N8ZUFV4 claim token and create a new posting on the weblog content with friends and claim that had a unique code, a unique verification code (claim token) is intended to make sure that the weblog technorati parties who have registered to technorati Shabat's is correct. Technorati search the posts by RSS FEED friend (bait) of the weblog friend. Remember not to claim the code as code of claim token token PDDD4N8ZUFV4 not listed in your blog post.
Thank you. good luck :)


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