Thursday, January 26, 2012

Law of Love Monkey

Now let us study the Coulomb's law with the love parable teenagers (ABG), we call this law Law of Love Monkey let me not scary anymore with the physics lesson, or let me not boring anymore. But this is actually a method that does not theorize, but proven to be remembered forever by my students in high school.

Suppose that:
A is a high school kid, girl, gorgeous, rich, humorous, outgoing, caring, etc..
B is a high school kid, girl, gorgeous, smart, sociable, attentive, helpful if you see his friend in trouble.
C is a high school kid, male, handsome, often oversleep klo school, lazy, idol girls in high school because good music playing.

One day C invented by A, then there was an intimate love relationship romance. The C into the spirit entered his school, which usually come at 8 am, now five in the morning was perched at the school .... Hahaha! The power of love C of A is very large because in addition to falling within the scope of the SMA, A is also beautiful, humorous, wealthy, and attention at all.
One day their love story known to the parents of A, A worried parent learning activity is interrupted, so he moved his school to another school. Because the distance between school C with school A not so distant and so strong his love, now C back to its original habit, always late and lazy, but he was more active presence in the school veranda A.
A romantic relationship with C is found again by the parents of A, and the parents decided to send their A A overseas. Meranalah then the C, behavior begun to be lazy, now with a further distance away.
Looking at C is always moody, B feels pity, he approached, he advise, "be patient, when it certainly met her match again" he said. Attention B to C is so sincere and felt very encouraging for C. Begin arise affection for B, and C started working again to school, learning spirit re-emerged. Because of the distance A to C is very far away, love C of A begins to wear off. Moreover, there is now concern that were located very close to B to C. C then decided to establish in love with B. Shoots be loved side dish arrived, finally going with B. C
Well, if we suppose that A and B is a negative charge, C positive charge. According to Coulomb's Law states that "style attraction / repulsion between two charges declined proportional to the charge itself and berbading kuwadrat inversely with the distance between the two charges are" (Note: If the two charges were different types of attractive forces will occur, if the two charges together kind then there is a repulsive force declined).
So A and C will have the attractive forces (power of love) is very strong when the distance is relatively close, while the distance in the gravity pull away (ideal strength) will be weakened. When A and B away closer to C then the attractive forces between B and C will be stronger than attractive forces between A and C.
Mathematically formulated Coulomb's Law:

F = k (q1. Q2) / r ^ 2

q1 & q2 = charge,
r = distance between two charges,
k = dielectric constant, and
F = the Coulomb


hahayyyy ingat jaman SMa dulu kisah cinta remaja sering di sebut cinta monyet

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