Monday, January 2, 2012

Doppler Effect 2

Continued from Doppler Effect 

If moves away from the source, then the wave received is less so that its frequency is lower. The formula for its frequency is :  

f’ = {(ν – νp)/ν}f

The conclusion of Doppler Effect :
a.       Source is in motion :
      Source approaches : use (-) sign (frequency is higher)
Source approaches : use (+) sign (frequency is lower)

b.      Observer is motion :
      Observer apppraeches : use (+) sign (frquency is higher)
Observer moves away : use (-) sign (frequency is lower)

moving sound sources in the circuit

shock wave frequency chart
ν = the sound speed
νs = the source relative speed to the observer
 f = the source frequency
f’ = the frequency heard by the observer            

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Doppler Effect
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