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Do you still remember about heat ? Heat is form of energy that exist in our daily life. For example : heat from an stove can make water in ktlle boil heat from an iron can make clothes smooth Can you think of another example of heat and its use in your surronding ?
  •  Heat can move from hot objects to cooler Look at following examples and take a look at how heat moves from one abject to another. Heat from fine moves to ketlle. Heat from the ketlle moves to the water and makes the water boil
  • Heat can move from hot objects to cooler Heat from the iron moves to the clothes.
        * It makes the clothes       
        * become smooth
  • Every day the brother and sister always drink a cup of warm milk. To day, sister chooses a cup made from glass. Where brother chooses a cup mad from plastic.
    Sister can not hold the cup because it is too hot, whereas brother does not ?
    Why does siter feel the heat of cup whereas brother does not ?
    It’s because the material of the two cups is different
  • Brather and his friends do an experiment about heat transfer at shool. Four cups, made from different materials, have been preared on the table. ( Glass cup, Plastic cup , Styrofoam cup, and Metal cup )
    Pour hot water into each cup and let it stand for several seconds. Now let’s move the cups using the hand.  Cups that can be held by hand, because they’re not too hot are : Those made of styrofoam andplastic. Whereeas the cup that can not be held by hand, because they’re too hot are : Those made of glass and metal
  • Why does one cup get warmer quicker than the other ?
    Some materials can conduct heat quickly.
    On the other hand, some materials do not conduct heat quickly
    1.Some materials can conduct quickly. That why in few minutes heat from water can be felt on the cup
    2.Some materials do not conduct heat quickly, and it takes longer to become hot
    Materials that can conduct heat better are called conductor. The samples of conductors are : Iron, Alumunium, and Glass.
    Material that do not conduct heat well are called insulator. The samples of insulator are : Plastic, Styrofoam, Wood and Cloth.

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